Anita Ng
Crown Ambassador Direct Distributor, Amway Hong Kong

A = Attitude 態度
N = Need 需要
I = Improvement 改良
T = Target 目標
A = Achievement 成就

Attitude 態度


Amway leaders need to have a positive attitude. If you encounter something good, you should share it with others. And you should regard situations of adversity as a learning experience, making the necessary changes to enable you and your team to overcome any hurdles. Amway leaders should also be able to communicate with a variety of people, take part in presentations by their downlines, and retain a passion for furthering their knowledge.

Need 需要


Many new Distributors will only focus on what they like or dislike doing, but as an Amway leader you should act according to the situation. Sometimes you’ll find that what needs to be done is not what you would prefer to do. However, once you make a habit of doing things according to needs, not preferences, you will gradually discover that the things you disliked in the past will turn into something you are willing to do.

Improvement 改良


A good leader needs to constantly review his or her position and be able to ensure improvement and progress. Understanding the reasons for failure and being able to make the necessary changes will turn your weaknesses into strengths. Remember that you are outstanding because you do what most people cannot do, and success will soon be yours.

Target 目標


Having clear targets is very important for the progress of a team. Leaders have the responsibility to lay down targets both for themselves and their team, and then lead the team to reach the targets set. When you run a marathon it is very often sheer will rather than physical factors that drives you to the finishing line. And it’s the same in business ?if goals are set before any action is taken then hurdles can be more easily overcome along the way.

Achievement 成就


A leader who has a positive attitude, acts according to needs, knows how to improve to make progress, and sets clear targets, will have a better chance of succeeding. Once you have achieved something yourself it will be easier to pass on your invaluable experience to your downlines and, in the long run, the performance of the whole team will be enhanced.

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